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Global Vacuum Presses


GLOBAL VACUUM PRESSES develops, produces and markets high-quality vacuum presses, hydraulic presses, preheating ovens for solid surface material, tools and customized applications for the thermoform & woodworking industry.  Founded 20 years ago by Anton Nabuurs, the company has become a leader in vacuum technology divided in the sectors woodworking and thermoforming of solid surface material & thermoplastics.

GLOBAL VACUUM PRESSES is an internationally focused and service-oriented company. Customers can benefit from our long-standing expertise and request our service centre for individual questions and challenges. We offer the ideal solution for producing high-end products simply and cost-effectively.

The strengths of GLOBAL VACUUM PRESSES are not only development and marketing of professional vacuum presses and tools, but mainly the decades of experience and flexibility of the company. Under the motto "Flexible as our membrane” we offer quality, service and training for simple, cost-effectively and efficiently high quality production. This includes after-sales serviceand complete training in our specially equipped training center.


The product portfolio of GLOBAL VACUUM PRESSES has been divided into the following areas: Woodworking, 3D PVC Foiling and Thermoforming of solid surface material & thermoplastics.


The product range for woodworking machinery has been sub-divided into the category groups: vacuum pumps & vacuum bags, vacuum membrane presses and vacuum membrane presses with heating station. These machines provide optimal solutions for veneering, laminating and bending all kinds of wood and can also be used for thermoforming solid surface material as well as thermoplastics (depending on the membrane).


GLOBAL offers a wide range of products for the thermoform industry, which also include preheating ovens for solid surface material and thermoplastics, besides the vacuum membrane presses and hydraulic presses. Discover the optimal solution for your requirements in our thermoform product family: heating bars, preheating ovens, vacuum membrane presses, hydraulic presses and sublimation machines.


3D PVC Foiling
As a specialist in vacuum technology, GLOBAL provides a versatile vacuum membrane press with powerful heating station for high-quality 3D PVC foiling, as well as for woodworking and thermoforming of solid surface material and thermoplastics.